Zhou Fan

my apartment becomes a FORT! come in for tea and cupcakes with faces on them

My inspiration for today’s “camp” in your bedroom day.

Inky K. (Taken with Instagram)

#distortion while #waiting #instagram (Taken with Instagram at Metra - Evanston Davis Street)


More icon work.

I want to make icons for the rest of my life.
it’s pretty amazing to see how this continuing journey with photography has changed a lot about who i am and my relationship with g_d. it’s all a reminder how he continues to work throughout the people i meet as well as in my life.
i got to hear francis chan (author of “crazy love”) speak during moody’s founders week and some things stuck out to me. one being about us living by faith. as single individuals, if we’re not living by faith now, how will we when we’re married and responsible for another being? how about when we have kids? it’s clear to me that sometimes, i’m not taking action for the things heavy on my heart because i’m worried about how absurd it may be or how awkward of a situation i’d put myself in… but g_d doesn’t call us to be cowards held back by societal “norms”. we’re called to be courageous and radical individuals loving sacrificially, not just accumulating worldly things while chasing the green$.
what is love? love is an action. an action of putting the other before the self. we’re not raised that way. we’re raised to think most about the self. we define good and bad in relation to what benefits or harms us.
i left electrical engineering to pursue photography, and in this continuing process, i can only see g_d leading me towards getting to know about him… and more importantly, to know him. these photos not only serve as snippets of a memory to the ones i’ve made photos of, but also as memories for me as well… about this continuing journey..

Just spent the past half hour browsing this. The word “incredible” falls short of his work.